Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hiking Vikings

It is Spring and time to get the hiking boots dusted off, in my case out of their box from REI's big sale, and hit the trails.  The Norwegians are a hearty breed and they will hike in just about any condition.  We hiked last Friday on the Lime Kiln Trail with good weather and dry trails.  Yesterday was a different story.  Rain, muddy trails, downed trees and rock falls all made for an interesting hike.  But we forged on after stopping at the McDonalds in Sultan for our pre-trail coffee.  The rule is that whoever drives does not have to buy their own coffee.  So I bought Bob his "decaf senior coffee".  He's a pretty cheap date.

There was enough of a tree canopy that we didn't get drenched however not falling on the rocks and slipping in the mud made for a very watchful hike.  There were numerous little rivers coming off the hills as well, my new Keen hiking boots were the best!  My feet were toasty, warm and dry the entire day.  No cramped toes or hot spots.  Having the REI boot guy help me find just the right pair was totally worth the time spent trying on different styles and walking around the store.  

I can hardly wait for our next hike together.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

...and then she went to Paris

With the blessings of my recovered and healing husband, my sister and I along with her two daughters went on our much planned Paris trip.  We walked, metro-ed, and ate our way through Paris for 8 days, seeing as many of the sights we could pack into each day.
It was a perfect trip.