Monday, August 4, 2014

Spring?! Sheesh it's August Melissa!

...And thus I've neglected the blog that hardly anyone reads,  least of all me, ha!  In keeping with that theme I guess I will provide an update for me myself and I, and the one or two others out there is the blogosphere who might stumble across this post.

My sister and I are fulfilling our adult life long dream of having a business together...and as she so eloquently wrote in her blog, "but we haven’t lived in the same city since we were kids and we haven’t lived in the same country for 25 years, so that was kind of a stumbling block."   So, not ones to let a little thing like location bother us we forged ahead with our dream and thus was born 
Emerald Lotus Fiberarts.  Emerald for me since I live in the Seattle area and it is known as the Emerald City, and Lotus for Kate who lives in Vancouver which is also known as Lotusland.  Fiberarts because that is what we are doing.  

We are dyeing our own yarns, spinning our roving, weaving, creating patterns and coming up with ideas to entice people to crave our items and purchase them.

Sneak peak of what Kate has been working on….
cupcake collage
Kate's cupcakes and mitt pattern
...And what I've been working on...
My hand dyed sock yarn

My sock yarn 'Heather Lake' in action with one of Kate's shawlette patterns I'm her test knitter

We are busy bee's getting ready for our next Edmonds Saturday Market Day on August 30th.  We have an Etsy shop as well that is on hiatus for the summer and will be back up in September.  You can also visit us on our Facebook page as well for updates.

Thats all for now...pretty good post huh?