Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lesson learned...

I should have known better than to have started a lace pattern at midnight after 2 glasses of wine and and 2 episodes of Breaking Bad.

"Oh Melissa!"

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Best summer ever...

If you have lived in the PNW for any length of time, and we've been here for 25 years now, most would agree that we have had the warmest, sunniest, driest summer in like forever!  July went all month without rain...August has started out fabulous as well.  We've had fun visiting friends and family, driving out to Lake Joy outside of Granite Falls WA for the day and up to Whistler for a week. We hiked, some biked and we did a lot of outdoor eating and drinking.  I don't think the temperatures dipped below 75 degrees at all.  And for us, 75 is a heat wave!
Lake Joy

Lake Joy

Rigmore and Helen making Strawberry Daiquiri's

Getting ready for lunch

Alta Lake, Whistler

Intrepid golf ball retriever

Lost Lake, Nana's tree

Lost Lake, swimming platform

Protecting the little wildlife

Dinner at Citta's in the village

Glacial Fitzsimmons Creek

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happiness is....

...walking around my garden when it is in full bloom.  I noticed when I reviewed these photos that we have lots of hydrangeas in our yard.  In fact 6 of them in the back yard.  It is kind of damp back there and I think they like it like that since they are all thriving better than ever this year.  So, put your garden shoes on and take a little walk around the yard.
Nasturtiums on the front porch

Pretty orange plant,  I don't know it's name

A field of Shasta Daisies in the front yard

Begonia in a pot on the porch
On of 6 hydrangeas in the back yard.  This one is a lace cap, my favorite!

Roses, they are my favorite kind that require little to no care...just prune in the early spring

Miss Black Eyed Susan

One of many many astilbe in the back,  I love them too.

A very hardy Butterfly Bush

Bee balm. The bees do love it.

Carpet Flower Roses, again little to no care, just a good pruning to keep them under control.

Lavatera, in a big pot out back

Oh yes, last but not least, Lavender.  Another favorite of the bees and me.