Monday, June 18, 2012

I've been busy...

In spite of having 5 WIP's on my knitting needles and one WIP for crocheting, as well as a couple of quilt tops in progress I've been trying my hand at garment sewing.  A few months ago I took a class and made a skirt that we fitted to ourselves to perfection.  It is the 'Manhattan Skirt' from Textile Studio Patterns.  It was billed as the skirt that will make you look 10 pounds lighter and by golly I think it does.  I love it and have plans to make this pattern again.

Next I made myself a "pancake breakfast" apron from 'Simple Sewing' by Lotta Jansdotter.  Every few months I help serve pancakes at our local Son's of Norway pancake breakfast and felt the need to individualize an apron for myself.  Off to the fabric store I went and much to my delight, I actually squealed out loud in the store, there was the perfect fabric for me.  Covered in pancakes dripping with syrup and other goodies was my apron.  It is reversible so I cut out some pancakes and appliqued them to the other side.  Et voila...I can hardly wait to debut my creation at our next breakfast.

Then this past weekend I took another class at my sewing store and made this really cute shrug.  The material is a knit which I've never stitched on before.  I was really worried that I would mess it up but the fabric turned out to be much easier to sew on that I had thought.  So now I want to make this shrug pattern again and again.  You can adapt it for long sleeves and to make it longer in the body. It is an 
e-pattern from

All in all I'm very happy with my sewing so far even if I am...

"a very busy woman and I haven't got all day".  
My favorite line from Ursula the Sea Witch, The Little Mermaid

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Looking for the silver lining...

Good morning Seattle, today we bring you a dose of rain, followed by more rain.  And did I mention 50 degree temperatures along with a cool breeze?  Well, I should have.


  • We are not on vacation; we live here.  We didn't awaken in our hotel room to the bitter disappointment of having to look for yet another indoor activity.  Although there are plenty of things to do indoors here because IT RAINS A LOT.  Hiking would be a bit treacherous today but we have done that before, in the rain and snow!  Today is not that day.
  • I have lots of knitting projects to keep me busy.  Sewing projects too.  I just have to settle myself down with a warm beverage and decide which to do first.
  • I'm going to go to the noon yoga class at 'Twist' because it will be 84 degrees and it will feel like I'm in Florida.  While I prefer the dry heat of Palm Springs, I'll take Florida today.
  • It might clear up about 8pm tonight, just in time to get outside and enjoy the sunset.  Maybe take a few photos.

  • One of the rarest events in the heavens that will take place today at 3:00pm PST when Venus will pass across the the face of the sun.  It won't do so again until 2117 by which time I'll be long long gone.  DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN OR YOU MIGHT DAMAGE YOUR EYES.  Thank you NASA but there is no danger of that here in Seattle today.

Thank you for listening.