Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ahhh, Wet Wool, how I love thee...

Right this moment I am in the midst of dyeing a bunch of yarn for All Wound Up Yarn Shop in house smells like wet wool and vinegar.  The poor Mr. missyinedmonds must put up with this delicate aroma every couple of weeks...and he does it with grace and uncomplaining good cheer.  Bless his heart and soul.

Beautiful glowy evening sky
In the meantime I am knitting my fingers bloody (hah) trying to get multiple Christmas gifts finished, as well as late birthday presents *sigh*, and trying to make time for my Autumn's End Sweater.  My initial goal of having the sweater finished by Thanksgiving is down the drain, in the toilette, a pipe dream, not going to happen.  Not even in time for Christmas I fear. *sigh*

On the bobbin - corrie cross hand dyed fiber

And just delivered this evening, fingering weight with sparkly stellina ready to dye

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Good things come in small packages...

Knitting tiny today

Pattern from Ravelry - Mini Mitten Ornaments from Pink Argyle

Pattern from 'Adorn' Knit Picks book

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Where oh where did the time go....

...because it is now Autumn.  And here I am.

Dear diary,
I had a really nice summer.  How are you?  Emerald Lotus Fiberarts is successful in a very small but sustainable way.  We did 3 Edmonds Saturday Markets and made lots of new friends.  Oh, and sold yarn too.  We are now selling our hand dyed and hand spun yarns in a beautiful new shop in Edmonds called All Wound Up.  Owners Leslie and Nona have been wonderfully welcoming and encouraging.
The new kidney that rules us all is one year old and thriving in Dennis...thank you forever Stephen and Danni.  We love you. Kate and I met our brother for the first time ever, it took us a lifetime to find each other.  He is as wonderful as a big brother can be and we are so happy to finally get to know each other.

Knitting, spinning and weaving have taken over my life in a good way.  So many projects so little time.
Mitts for Marie

Woven scarf for a customer

New color way "Winterberry"

Some travel with friends

More knitting, Zuzu's Petals cowl

Some blocking, Autumn's End Sweater

Selfie, hiking in 90 degree desert heat