Monday, April 25, 2011

Home from the hospital..again

Today was the scheduled surgery to complete the A-V fistula in the mister's left arm.  All went well and the surgeon let me bring him home, which she was reluctant to do at first.  She knows that I'm an RN but she has control issues which I get,  we came to an understanding and I will do everything a good nurse does in checking her post-op patient.
We are both exhausted, got to the hospital at 0530 with surgery scheduled at 7ish.  I drank so much coffee while he was in surgery that I was having palpitations while I sat and knit on a sock in the surgical waiting room.  I sure didn't want to keel over and have a cardiac arrest from too much caffeine so I threw out the last of my third huge cup and promptly became overwhelmingly sleepy.  Finally I got the call that all was well, I could go to the post recovery area and sit with him and then take him home.
We are having a quiet rest of our day, napping and making phone calls to family and friends.  Dinner is already made and I think a big glass of wine for me is just what the doctor would order if she were here. Pain pills for the mister and a piece of home made apple pie a la mode.  We're so happy that he got to come home!!!

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