Saturday, June 11, 2011

Corrupting a minor

On our epic road trip we have stopped to see the Mr's family in So Cal.  And,,,since it is International Yarn Bombing Day today I enlisted our niece Maddy to help me in my 'bombing'.  Not wanting her to get arrested for defacing public property I coached her on when she needed to run like the wind to avoid being thrown into the Irvine jail with me.  I was willing to take the hit.  Since she is a star on her high school track team running wasn't going to be a problem.  Even if she had to jump over a few barriers, she runs in the low hurdle races at school.  Fortunately we were able to avoid the 'coppers' and the 'bombing' went off without a hitch.  We beautified a park fence and when we were finished the little crocheted graffitis were gently blowing in the breeze.
maddy et moi

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