Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm out of focus

Picasso had his "Blue Period", Bob Dylan his folk song era, Grandma Moses her late in life painting career;  I am in my "DishRag" time.  I cannot stay focused on a knitting project to save my life, except dishrags.  I've tried socks, scarves, a vest, crocheted blanket and they all sit idle while I knit dishrags.
I decided to look "dishrag" up in the Urban Dictionary and here is what I came up with.  Mind you this was one of the lesser offensive definitions:

"A sleazy whore. Usually found in bars, drunk off her ass with a cold sore on her upper lip and is most of the time, over the hill and all sagging with bleach blonde hair.

A shortened version of "dishrag whore". With "whore" being pronounced as: 'hoo-wuh'
Jimmy left with that dishrag whore. That bitch was a monster."

Wait a minute!  I'm NOT a 'dishrag whore', although I am enjoying knitting them...dishrags that is.  
And just because all of the above is so ridiculous I'm including a photo of Bibi because she is so darned cute!

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  1. lol...that definition could apply to a few of us out here! your knitting may be slowing, but have you forgotten all your sewing and quilting? I don't think any bleached blonde hoo-wuh could do that! Bibi is saying with her eyes, "you are maaaarvelous, dahling..."