Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where does the time go!

So I retire.  I'm supposed to have all of this extra time.  I was worried about that.  Too much time on my hands might cause me angst, regret and worry that I am frittering my precious time away with meaningless pursuits.  So far I would like a few more hours per day to accomplish all that I decide I must or would like to do.
Here is a list of what I consider non-meaningless things that I have been doing:
Fitness - Working on getting to the gym more, walking around my neighborhood and taking yoga classes at Twist Vinyasa.
Spinning - I haven't touched my wheel for about a year; now I'm creating some pretty yarn.
Knitting - I've been uninspired until now.  I'm finishing a pair of socks for the Mr., a pair of fingerless mitts for a friend and contemplating starting a sweater.
Cooking - I've been looking thru recipes online from some of my favorite sites and people and actually making them.  Making better dinners.  The Mr. diplomatically agrees and has also been cooking more.
Quilting - Just finished a quilt for the girl and am contemplating the next one.
Gardening - Contemplating what I want to do with things outside in the yard.  Got some winter clean up done over the weekend, made a list for the Mr. to accomplish.  Heavy duty man work.
Chairperson duties - I'm the Chair for our city owned cemetery.  There is a lot of busy work, emailing and report writing.  I'm actually caught up with it all and have a plan for keeping it under control and on time.
Photography - I'm trying to learn more about my cameras, f stop, shutter speed etc.  Utilizing my local library for easy to understand books on the subject although I refuse to get "Photography for Dummies".
Reading - allowing myself an hour here and there to relax and get into a good book.
Spontaneity - I want to be able to say 'yes' to something without having to worry about when I'll have time for all the rest.  I'm working on this.
Fun - see 'spontaneity' above.

Balance.  I will work on balance in my days and in Yoga.  I almost tipped over doing the 'tree pose'.  Maybe I'll work on focus too.  I think that will help with the balance.  See?  Everything is connected.

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  1. jeez, how will you have time for me? lol...it's all in the balance! love that photo of D. He looks like he's up to something.