Thursday, August 23, 2012

I shouldn't have ignored that little voice...

...telling me to follow the rules.  Because someone else in the history of quilting learned these valuable lessons the hard way before I did.  So why oh why did I think I could flaunt the 'quilting laws'?  Smugness, hubris, 'this wouldn't happen to me' attitude.  Ha!

So lessons learned (again)
  • always pin or baste the heck out of the layers
  • make sure they are smoothed out and have no lumps (I thought I had)
  • never but never start quilting from the side...always start in the middle and work outwards (I knew that)
  • listen to that little tiny voice of doubt yelling "STOP"
  • be humble, pay attention to the experts
  • look at the finished work (it isn't too horrible) as a learning experience and give it to my mother-in-law anyway because she loves me in spite of my many flaws
  • start a new quilt immediately, kind of like getting back on the horse after it throws you, and learn from my mistakes.


  1. uh oh...i guess we've all been there. good luck with the next one!

  2. oops.....too bad...
    I like to use basting spray and it works really well to hold the layers together.
    I need to get back to quilting again...I am sure there are going to be things to relearn when I have been away from it!!
    Thanks for commenting at my blog...I sure haven't been blogging much or reading many blogs....trying to get back into it!!

  3. well, you know what I'm going to say....oh, melissa! still will be loved and cherished by Valerie. : )

  4. We all have an inner voice that is occasionally ignored, to our regret! I think your MIL will love it all the more for it's individual flare ~