Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm DOOMED...!


I have dropped and broken two mirrors on two consecutive days. What does this mean!? The floor is tiled now and it used to be carpeted, maybe I was dropping them all along but they never broke? I was in a hurry, clumsy, am developing dropping disease, not paying attention, slippery fingers?? Really, I'm worried that I am doomed. Does this mean 7 years bad luck consecutively or collectively? I don't want 14 years of bad luck! I don't even want 7 years of it! The Mr. wants to know if this affects him by association in which case he feels like distancing himself from me. lol! Fat chance of that!


  1. huh! well, we'll call you dropsy then! maybe breaking the second mirror negates the bad luck of the first one....lol

  2. Wow, that is unusual and I think portends a string of good luck! What are the odds that you would break two mirrors on back to back days? I would buy a lottery ticket just in case :)