Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ha! I crack myself up!!

So are you ready for a new blog with a new look from me?  Well apparently I am.  I get bored easily and so I am a fickle blogger with no clear purpose.  I have a need to reinvent myself every so often.  I like a new "wardrobe" now and again.  Hence the new look (again) and a new direction.  First of all the name of the blog says a lot about me in general.  Two of my favorite lines from the Lord of the Rings books/movies are, "...and so it begins", ( I say this to myself almost every morning when I get out of the shower) and "...today is not that day!"  They are useful to me in a variety of ways.  Getting up in the morning, dealing with issues at work, completing a knitting or other crafty project, dealing with health issues...the list is endless.
I have stuff to say about my various fiber projects and now I find I need a diary/journal outlet for the newest issue.  The Mr.'s kidneys.  Yes, you read that right KIDNEYS.  They are very important to life, period.  His are failing.  What has been a long time in coming has finally arrived.  That said, you see why my "...and so it begins" is so appropriate.  Things have ramped up since December.  Now before that, like 32 years before, we've been watchfully waiting for the ax to fall.  Interstitial nephritis can be a slow progression, as in the Mr.'s case, or a fast one.  We decided a while back that his was slow.  32 years of slow.  So when in December his lab values shot up we said what?!?!  Is this it?  Does it begin now?  And wanting to say "...today is not that day".  So, with mixed emotions after deleting my last blog, I've decided to start a new one.  If no one reads this new one I am fine with it.  I am using it mainly as a journal for myself.  If you read it, know that it will be interspersed with words like fistula, dialysis and transplant.  If that makes you squeamish then read no further.
Last Monday was surgery day #1 with the makings of a fistula in his left upper arm and a peritoneal dialysis catheter implanted into his abdomen.  He is kind of lumpy and bumpy now.  We saw his vascular surgeon Dr. Tan today for follow up and she was happier than a woman should be over his excellent maturing fistula.  "The best she's ever seen".  I'm not sure if that meant the best she's ever done and she was happy for that or the best ever.  We were all beaming with pride though.  His fistula has great turbulence she said and we all felt it.  The area on his arm feels like it is "buzzing" with energy for lack of a better description.  It is also referred to as a "thrill".  We like that one, we feel the "thrill" several times a day now.  In spite of things being serious, we left the office almost giddy with happiness.  Dr. Tan also told the Mr. that he can continue to do his Akido with her blessing.  No worries, keep active. We love her.
Now onto a fiber note.  Quilting.  I've started it and love it.  Ordered myself a walking foot for my vintage Singer Featherweight 221-1.  It came today along with a 1/4 inch foot and they both work like a dream!  Very excited about that as well.


  1. Well, I'll certainly be reading it! I'm glad you started a new one and this is a good beginning!

    I'm so happy to hear the good news about the fistula! Of course the Mr. would have excellent turbulence and thank goodness he can go back to Akido.

    So I'll talk to you Wednesday evening after you get home from work and after Robin is there and I can here all about fistulas, NAIOP presentations and colons! I'm not squeamish in the least! xoxo

  2. hear, not here. I worked too long today!