Thursday, March 31, 2011


I love shoes.  So difficult though to find just the right pair to take on a trip where you will be doing a lot of walking.  Paris is a city where your feet need to be happy all day.  They also need to look somewhat stylish because this is Paris, not Seattle.  In Seattle I wear polar fleece, gore-tex and shoes that will be good in a puddle.  I bought some cute black Dansko's for the trip and then I found THESE.

Cute brown and copper Naots.  So, so comfortable.  And really I need brown lower heeled shoes too. Really I do.  'They' say that you need a couple of pairs of good shoes if you are going to be walking all day.  I almost always listen to what 'they' have to say, especially if I happen to agree with 'them'.  

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  1. Welcome to your new home! I was so very sorry to read of your husband's health troubles. I hope he is doing okay.