Thursday, April 14, 2011

They call me the finisher

I'm on a roll these days.  I decided that I was tired of looking at my unfinished business and so have gotten busy doing some finishing.  The hedgehog is actually a new little project  because I am better at starting something than finishing it.  He was easy and completed while I watched a marathon session of NCIS repeats.  Mark Harmon inspires me to be a better person. heh

 These socks are another matter.  I started them last October maybe?  I'd have to check on Ravelry, however I lost interest in the second sock towards the end.  Even though I knit them at the same time, I just couldn't manage to finish them.  Well, yesterday I said enough is enough.  It is cold out and I need some new socks.  So...I got them done.  They feel great and will be worn a lot here because Spring in the PNW is not warm.


  1. I love that hedgehog! Much cuter than my pin dish! I'm ready to get my wool socks out again...there's been some snow here today!! ack!!

    Love your socks!