Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happiness is...

1.  Adopting this sweet cat from PAWS but she likes to drink out of the toilet and now we have to keep  the toilet seats in the down position because that is just yucky.
2.  Being greeted in the morning with meow's especially after she uses the litter box at 0430.
3.  Finding out she likes string and yarn to play with so I have to watch out for the 'attack' as I knit.
4.  Finding an unfinished dishcloth that my mom was working on just before she passed away 3 years ago and finishing it knowing that she held the knitting needles too.
5.  Looking at the weather forecast in the paper this morning and seeing a sun for the day even though it is pouring out right now.
6.  Getting to help a friend's daughter with her high school biology this afternoon because she's having trouble with DNA.
7.  Knowing that NCIS comes on at 8pm tonight and it is my favorite show ever.

Today is shaping up nicely.


  1. Ohhh yess....like your list! There is nothing like having a very sweet cat in the house!! Yours looks a lot like ours!

  2. well, all those things are wonderful, except for the toilet drinking part! welcome to the world of cats! I got out today and limped around michael's to get some more dishrag yarn... so that makes me happy.

  3. that is so sweet that you were able to finish something of your moms.....

    1. Thanks Barb, it really made me happy to find it.

  4. I was thinking about you and popped in see what you were up to! What a fun list of things that make you happy. BTW your cat isn't the only critter that likes drinking from the toilet. If I've told Simcha once how "unsanitary" that is....

  5. Nice to "see" you Claudia! We just got back from a warm sunny 11 days in Palm Springs...now I have more things to be happy about.
    We had a little chat with Bibi and let her know that it was very unbecoming to be drinking from the toilet!