Saturday, April 7, 2012

This weekend...

...the pursuit of happiness took us up to Vancouver for a long weekend with the family.  We've had wonderful sunny spring weather, great for walk-about's and wandering.  Yesterday we went downtown to see our neice's new condo all done up.  It is warm and inviting.  I want to live there!  We wandered down Shanghai Ally to Chinatown, went in search of a monkey claw back scratcher for me but had no luck.  Of course I don't want a real monkey claw, just one that looks like one.  But we did see "2 for 1" dried gekko's, good for eye health and kidney health.  We thought the Mr. would benefit from the tea you make from dried gekko, his kidneys could use some help.  He was not as enthusiastic as we were about the whole deal.
Yummy dried gekko

More yummy dried sea cucumbers

I need the Clever Mind herbal tea
We walked around Dr. Sun Yat-sen gardens...

We had dinner downtown at Nuba's.  Wonderful Lebanese food!  Then headed home to the north shore for an evening of the game "Ticket to Ride".  And because we are old we sat around and took each other's blood pressure for a few laughs.  We did not talk about bodily functions, we aren't that old!


  1. i wonder if you just eat the geckos-on-a-stick like a lollipop? yum!

    1. my sister thought dipping it in chocolate and wrapping it with bacon just might do the!