Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Today is all about the rose...

We visited Portland OR for the first time a few weeks ago after living in the PNW for 25 years!  I know...why did we wait so long?  Well, I guess timing is everything.  Anyway, one of our stops was at the famed Rose Garden up on the hill overlooking the city.  We were able to walk around the garden between rain showers and let me just say that as beautiful as it was to see, it was equally beautiful to smell!! I think the rain just brought out more of the rosy scents.  So, enjoy this little walk around the gardens with me and imagine how wonderful it smelled...


  1. very beautiful...I can smell them!

  2. they're beautiful! the smell of the rose brings me right back to mom's roses when we were kids. hope that never goes away!