Sunday, August 11, 2013

Best summer ever...

If you have lived in the PNW for any length of time, and we've been here for 25 years now, most would agree that we have had the warmest, sunniest, driest summer in like forever!  July went all month without rain...August has started out fabulous as well.  We've had fun visiting friends and family, driving out to Lake Joy outside of Granite Falls WA for the day and up to Whistler for a week. We hiked, some biked and we did a lot of outdoor eating and drinking.  I don't think the temperatures dipped below 75 degrees at all.  And for us, 75 is a heat wave!
Lake Joy

Lake Joy

Rigmore and Helen making Strawberry Daiquiri's

Getting ready for lunch

Alta Lake, Whistler

Intrepid golf ball retriever

Lost Lake, Nana's tree

Lost Lake, swimming platform

Protecting the little wildlife

Dinner at Citta's in the village

Glacial Fitzsimmons Creek


  1. whoa, spectacular scenery! and i love the tiny toads sign. so sweet.

    we had a few super hot weeks, but now (in August!) we're having a lovely mild summer. must be a reward for not melting earlier?

    1. This really has been a remarkable summer for us here, and the scenery at Whistler never disappoints!