Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Getting things done around here...

I bought myself a little Ashford 'Sample It' rigid heddle loom a few weeks ago in the hopes of rekindling my desire to weave.  Well, that did the trick.  I think what has kept me from weaving was the laborious process of warping up my larger Kromski rigid heddle.  So... I can have my little Ashford warped and ready to weave in 30 minutes now.  Easy peasy thanks to the you tube tutorial from Ashford that I found online.Check it out.  I think the technique would work for any type of rigid heddle loom and I'm going to try it on my Kromski.

This scarf was warped with a ramie cotton in acid green, and the weft is a commercial polyester yarn with a little gold sparkle running through it.  85" long which includes the fringe and 3.5" wide

This one was warped with a commercial fingering weight merino wool yarn in aqua, the weft is from a TerraBella Spun merino wool batt in shades of aqua, burnt orange,brown and tan with a little bit of copper and gold sparkles.  I spun this into a single DK weight yarn which gives the scarf a nice texture.

I am so happy with this new little loom!!

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  1. Hi Melissa! How fun to discover your delight-filled and inspiring blog. Your woven scarves are lovely. So nice to connect with you (and your family) it has re-energized my knitting and spinning MoJo!

    Hugs from Yes and Yay HQ