Monday, October 14, 2013

Such beautiful Fall days...

After having a wonderful and warm summer, we are now enjoying a nice Fall.  A few cloudy rainy days but mostly these gorgeous blue sky days.  Crisp and cool.  Right now the sun is shining on my house but a few blocks down on the water I can see a fog bank and hear the fog horn.  Actually the fog horn started up at about 4 this morning and hasn't let up.  I'm waiting for it to clear on the water so that I can get out for my walk.  Otherwise I'll come home with a frizzy mess of hair.  Fog and humidity are arch enemies of my hair.

The arm is healing but I'm impatient for it to be fully healed.  I can knit, spin and weave but crocheting is out.  Too much twisty motion of my wrist...hurts.

OK, so the fog looks like it is gone so I am off.

Edmonds Marina
Edmonds-Kingston Ferry
This looks like fun
Japanese Maple on my front porch

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