Monday, December 8, 2014

If I only had a brain....

No worries, just knit one!  

A high school classmate from long ago commissioned me to make this brain hat for her.  She is a cranio-sacral therapist and teaches a neuro-anatomy class.  She thought it would be fun to wear a 'brain' while teaching.  So...without further ado I got to work and knit a brain.  There was a very helpful suggestion on Ravelry to get an "Embellish Knit Machine" to do the endless feet of i-cord needed for the brain folds.  (Here is a useful link for those of you interested in a little anatomy lesson on the brain)  Since I dreaded days and days of knitting pink i-cord I went to my nearby Joann Fabrics and for $12.00 bought the little device.  Best $12.00 I ever spent.  Instead of days, it took me about 15 minutes to crank out all of the i-cord that I needed!!  It worked great in spite of some of the negative comments I read online about the Embellish.  So the brain will be in the mail tomorrow to it's new home.  I hope it will live happily ever after.

In searching for some needles to knit the above mentioned brain hat I got my knitting needle bin out and was struck with shame. 

What a mess!!  Loose knitting needles everywhere...I vow before you that this will be taken care of by the New Year.   I have needles all over the house too, in various stages of usage in a project, tucked here and there for me to find and exclaim over.   No wonder I have so many size 10.5 circular needles, I go out and buy another pair because I can't find the other 5 hidden around the house.  I know that I can't be the only one out there who does this.  Right?

Just because...

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