Saturday, May 26, 2012

Woe is...!
Sat and knit a row on my Citron Shawl, all 300 and some stitches only to find that I had read the pattern wrong and had to unknit 300 and some stitches.  So then I decided to knit on my Hitchhiker Shawl instead because I was tired of unknitting lace weight yarn.  Got a row on my Hitchhiker done and realized that I was on the wrong row and had to unknit it!

I give up

I do not have good knitting mojo today.  I will not be knitting again until tomorrow.


  1. cripes, sister! that is bad knitting mojo! I think you need to retire with an adult beverage and forget it all!

  2. Yikkes!!! Yes, best leave it for a day and come back to it LOL Your mind was clearly on other things like what to eat for tea? A movie you want to watch? Or a hot romance novel you are reading???