Saturday, November 2, 2013

There and back again

Our time share condo in Palm Desert

Just got back from a very relaxing vacation in the desert...we were trying to extend our sun exposure as far into autumn as we could and we succeeded.  Left sunny 80 degree weather  today and enjoyed 75-90 degrees everyday we were there.  Sigh...I'm really happy to be home however I can hear it starting to rain outside...won't feel 75 degrees again until well into spring or summer of 2014.

Took a drive up to the town or Idyllwild

Overlooking the valley in the direction of San Diego

Snowed on Mt. San Jacinto one night

On our 1000 Palm's hike, the man

Oasis at 1000 Palm's

A very happy kitty now that we're home


  1. Trips are fun but the best is coming home! Thanks for sharing.

  2. beautiful photos, sister! I definitely want to explore 1000 Palms...looks really interesting!