Friday, November 15, 2013

Oh what a week it's been...

Well the vacation is over…it was great and very relaxing which is how we planned it. Because a week after getting back it was time for my last reconstructive surgery since being diagnosed with breast cancer back in March.  So excited to finally get this done, and dreading the process.  Another surgery this year brings the total to 4.  So…down from the great north comes my wonderful sister to lend support and help.  I have the best sister ever.  We got some spinning and knitting done in the days leading up to the surgery and then she was there to take care of Dennis and I afterwards.  She made a fabulous pot of soup, kept us entertained and was on standby to lend a hand.  Then all too soon she was back to the great north and home.  Which was good because all I was doing was sleeping and she was bored  lol!  

This week has been less than pleasant…the surgery went well and I've had no post-op pain.  However I developed a debilitating rash/allergic reaction to the pre-op cleanser, tape and anything else they put on my skin for the surgery.  OMG I've wanted to tear my skin off!  Happily my wonderful MD jumped on this fast and the rash is resolving.  Still a little itchy but oh so much better.  I feel like joining the human race again.

So, fresh out of the shower, all clean and lotioned up I decided I had the energy to craft!  

Blocked my just finished 'La La's Simple Shawl'

Started a new quilt for the Mr.

It's here it's here!!  My new jumbo flyer

Warped up a new scarf

Did some plying…oh jumbo flyer how I love thee..

Wound my handspun for the weft of the new woven scarf

Admired these beautiful little leaves just hanging on in the front yard

I have also admired my new and improved fake and real breasts…no photos though, I don't want to be inappropriate with the photo sharing.  Whew, now I'm kind of tired!  But it was a perfect day, and I'm so grateful to be able to do the things I love doing.


  1. whew, that's a jam-packed week! glad you're on the mend. and look at all that fiber at work! whoa. hard is weaving? i don't really know if i can manage another craft, it fun?

    1. Yes, weaving is very fun too! And not hard at all…the Ashford Sample It loom is great for making narrower projects like scarves, really easy to warp up and the best part is it can sit on your lap to weave. Watch out… you may have to add another craft addiction to the list. Thanks for your nice comments :D

  2. wow look at all those projects! you've certainly made up for lost time. I'm glad you are feeling better... you are very brave and my hero xoxo

    1. Yes, I kind of wore myself out the other day but in a good way. I feel all refreshed and renewed!
      You are the best sister xoxo